DOBBED is non-confrontational

There are no intimidating characters involved. The driver does not return to find their vehicle missing.

DOBBED requires photographic evidence

A photograph of the vehicle in position provides undisputed photographic evidence that the offense took place.

DOBBED is ethical

The car park terms and conditions, breach consequences and costs are clearly displayed on the DOBBED signs at the car park. The DOBBED signs are displayed in prominent locations. The breach costs are clear, reasonable and defined.

DOBBED is reliable and efficient

The offense can always be captured. Compared to towing and clamping where the offending vehicle may drive away before the enforcement company arrives. With DOBBED you can take the photo – then it is up to you if you want to report the offense.

DOBBED is controlled

Before offending vehicles can be reported, the car park first has to be approved by DOBBED admin. We check the car park site photos, making sure there are sufficient DOBBED signs at prominent locations such that all drivers are aware of the car park terms and conditions. Photos of all reported vehicles are reviewed and checked against the site photos before a breach notice is issued. A breach notice is not issued if there is any doubt.

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