DOBBED is a simple and non-confrontational solution for private car park owners who have problems with unauthorised parking.

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Signage – Display the (customised) DOBBED signs in your car park

Display a DOBBED sign in your car park to deter unauthorised vehicles. In many cases the signs are all that’s needed to combat most parking problems. We will design and customise the signage size, colors etc to fit your site.

Reporting – Upload a photo. Also leave a notice (that we supply) on the vehicle.

If a vehicle does incorrectly use your car park you can report them by simply uploading a photo to your DOBBED web account. The photo must show the vehicle number plate. We also provide you with a breach notice (small piece of waterproof paper) that you fill and leave on the vehicle (under the windscreen wiper).

Enforcement – We issue a parking breach notice

Your DOBBED sign contains the regulations for your car park as well as an Important Notice that states that unauthorised vehicles will be issued a parking breach notice. Once you leave the breach notice on the vehicle and upload a photo, the driver has 21 days to pay the notice fee. If the notice fee is not paid within 21 days we follow-up and send a reminder parking breach notice to the vehicle’s registered owner. Debt collection agencies are employed after 30 days.


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