Alternative to Towing and Clamping
DOBBED is a great alternative to towing and wheel clamping. Discover how simple it is to deter and report unauthorised vehicles. Read more
Customised to your site / facility
The DOBBED solution is ideal for universities, polytechnics, super markets and shopping centres. Parking signs are customisable.Read more
Watch the DOBBED Video!
DOBBED is the most simple and effective solution to deter and report unauthorised vehicles using your car park - it's also a great alternative to wheel clamping and towing! Often displaying a DOBBED sign is enough, but if an unauthorised vehicle does use your park simply report them and we will issue a parking breach notice. DOBBED parking signs are customised to your site and company branding requirements.
"Since installing the DOBBED service there are more available parking spaces for our customers. DOBBED is simple, non-confrontational & effective"
-Anna Rumblet 29/02/2012


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